When Jessica and I wake in the morning, almost the first thing we do (if we can keep the rooster quiet, but that’s a story for another day!) is dive into AWE.

For we want to know if we’re on path, on track, and what’s most important for the day, oh, yeah, and are there any surprises coming my way we should know about!

I’m sure Jessica’s also asking about a future baby, where we get to live next, how to find more time in our lives, and even how in the world did we get here…for we’re surprisingly out by Joshua Tree, California.

Perhaps the most important thing we get is courage and support, for the day ahead.

Beyond that, we get lessons, and to me, that’s just as important as answers to my questions. Perhaps even more so!

For I want to understand everything, why I’m here, the meaning of life, what I get to teach–yes, all of my classes come straight out of AWE.

And so every day I ask, What’s the one most important thing I need to know? Sure, it may be work related, or about our relationship, but most importantly, it’s helping me to understand myself better, my life, and where I’m going. 

And on a deep, soul, spiritual level–it’s like getting a PhD in understanding you and the Universe.

And that’s what Jessica’s getting too. 

For when you understand why you’re here, and where you get to go, life gets a LOT easier.

And especially knowing you’re not alone.

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