What IS


Automatic writing is a process, where you go quiet, put pen to paper, and get direction in your life. Whether that’s where to go, how to get there, or even the meaning of life, it’s all accessible when you turn your journaling into channeling.

You’ll hear AWE when you hike, AWE when you drive, AWE at work, and even AWE in your most challenged and difficult moments…such as that argument or financial crisis.

Automatic writing is that internal guidance system, or internal GPS you always wished you had, combined with direct access to spirit, to ask your most pressing questions, and get answers fast.

People often ask, is AWE for everyone, or do I need to be able to channel or have a special gift? The great thing is no, anyone can do AWE, no matter how much or how little you meditate, no matter how much you’re connected to spirit, and no matter how busy your “monkey” or racing mind.

You don’t need special skills, or talent, or anything of the sort. Simply a pen and paper, a desire to learn, and 20-30 minutes a day.

Anyone can learn AWE, and the great thing is, the more you do it, the more connected you will feel. People who feel stuck, or in a deep dark hole, start to feel much better. Those who feel lost, suddenly see the light. And everyone who does it, gets a greater sense of peace.

Why? Because you’re connecting to something greater than yourself, something lighter, a higher vibration, or a highly frequency attunement. You can call it God, Source, Universe, Love, Light, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, Mother Mary, or even, as I like to joke, The Giant Cheeseburger in the Sky. It doesn’t matter what you call it. But when you tap into this quantum vibration, or this higher frequency, you feel much better fast. Done daily, you’ll find greater confidence, greater abundance, and a new, more powerful way, to carry yourself through the world.

And your manifestation skills will go up, WAY up. Because in AWE, or through automatic writing, you’re connecting to your spirit or your higher self, on the other side of the veil. What’s that mean? If you’ve ever heard the expression “as above, so below” it’s because the author understood the secret. And the secret is, that when your idea, dream, or goal is placed firmly in the spirit realm, or the dream world, or in an energetic attunement of energy and excitement, it helps bring it down to earth.

Put in less woo-woo terms, when you focus on your desire with energy and words, particularly in a hypnagogic state (a fancy way for saying when your brain’s in the automatic writing, theta brainwave state) you attract into your life almost whatever you desire, if it’s for your highest good.

And so, through AWE, you learn how to manifest, to draw in, and have a tool you can use on a daily basis to truly transform your life.

And why is it called AWE? Because you feel differently, see the world differently, and find yourself more in a state of AWE and joy, throughout the day.

All through your daily practice, of turning your journaling into channeling. 

And isn’t that an AWEsome tool to have!

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