When you feel stuck in life, it’s easy to wake up every morning feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the day ahead.

As someone once diagnosed with ADHD, I felt completely lost, like I was running in circles headed nowhere. My to-do list, if I managed to make one, never seemed to get any shorter. 

That is, until I started asking this question:

What’s the ONE, single, most important thing I get to do today, that if I get it done, then it’s been a good day?

It’s what I call your SMP, or your single-minded purpose. 

Now you can ask yourself this question and get an answer from your thinking mind, and that can be helpful… 

Or, even better, you can ask in automatic writing and get beyond your thinking mind, and get answers from a higher intelligence with more wisdom.

Let me explain…

The thinking mind is almost always asking out of fear, at least until you get it under control. And answers born out of fear, simply keep you stuck in life.

Meanwhile your automatic writing is coming from somewhere else, call it above, or from deep inside, or your angels and guides, but it’s coming from a place that knows you better than you know yourself, and already has all the answers. It can see the big picture! 

When you allow yourself to be guided by this wisdom, you couldn’t possibly stay stuck, no matter how hard you tried!

So, when you go into the Automatic Writing Experience (AWE), and ask for your SMP, you get simple, easy-to-follow guidance for the day ahead. It has you breathing easier, far less stressed, and keeps you out of the overwhelm. 

And little by little, one day at time, you find yourself on a path headed for freedom.

In today’s over-stimulating world, having guidance and direction, keeping you out of overwhelm and moving you towards your goals, seems pretty AWEsome to me!

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