Hello Bright and Shiny Beacons of Light!

Outside my door, just beyond my crowing rooster (again, a story for another beautiful day!) I have the most beautiful, yellow Tesla, with shiny gold wheels.

Now I don’t share this with you to boast about my car, for it’s not the possessions that matter most, but to boast about my license plate, for it says WOOHOO8.

What in the world is Woo Hoo 8? It’s a manifestation process you’ll learn in the Automatic Writing Experience (AWE) to improve your life and attract your desires in 8 specific categories. For myself, I’ve wanted an electric car ever since I was a kid, driving golf-carts at my summer golf-course job.

I put it on my vision boards, asked for it meditation and prayer, watched and rewatched The Secret, but it wasn’t until I began practicing the Woo Hoo 8 in AWE, that I began drawing it into my life.

For working in AWE, is playing powerfully on the other side of the veil. Perhaps you’ve heard of the hypnagogic state, made famous by visionary masters such as Neville Goddard and Emile Coue?

It’s a state where you’re half here, and half not, where all dreams are possible. The more you play in this state, the more you can draw anything into your life. A new home, car, job, career, partner, the sky truly is the limit…even a shiny yellow Tesla, yes, even with gold wheels–okay, I love that part!

When Jessica and I wanted to grow our business, we brought it to AWE. 

When we wanted to move to Colorado, we brought it to AWE as well. We used the Woo Hoo 8 to envision our dream home, high up in the hills, with incredible views, trails and animals all around, and such incredible peace. And then we found ourselves there!

There’s an expression in the bible and in hermetic wisdom (far, far earlier) that says “as above so below”. That means that what you create in the hypnagogic state, or on the other side of the veil, you’ll draw into your reality here.

And that’s just what you learn how to do through Automatic Writing. You learn how to create your future on the page right before you, and literally draw it into existence.

And when you have that car, that home, that lifestyle, a newfound partner, peace or the health that’s always eluding you, you’ll understand just why it’s called AWE.

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