“I wrote this book to give you the power to channel your Highest Wisdom... the inner voice that loves unconditionally & will never steer you wrong.”

–Michael Sandler

This book will show you exactly how to discover your inner power and wisdom through a powerful process of taking pen in hand.

CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD, New York Times best-selling author

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About The Book

AWE, The Automatic Writing Experience provides a set of tools for everyone to tap into a  “higher” source of intelligence and realize their greatest, most authentic, heart-centered and joyous life – with fewer struggles and less strife.  

In these interesting times, there is a great seeking going on.  Yet, more people now find themselves in a worse psychological state than they were a year ago.  Ironically, what is being sought–the guiding spirit that answers all of our questions–is with each of us all of the time.  AWE, The Automatic Writing Experience provides specific tools and exercises to hear and communicate with spirit.

Michael shares the history behind this thousands-year-old practice, the science that suggests automatic writing can rewire the brain and how to easily start the practice at home.  

Once available only to prophets and sages, AWE gives direct access to the voices of spirit, the angels, our highest guides.  AWE provides direct access to one’s spirit team, or subconscious.  It’s the voice that has always been inside, and AWE provides the tools to access it.

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“Drawing on an ancient practice and the latest in deep mind techniques, Michael Sandler helps you plug into the power Source that can guide you to manifest the life of your dreams. If you want to live an on-fire, AWE filled life, then this book is for you.”

Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of Zero Limits

“Michael Sandler is an insightful and generous teacher, and many will find this book to be an invaluable tool for accessing the wisdom of the Higher Self.”

Paul Selig, Author of Alchemy, A Channeled Text

“A big “Woo Hoo!” to Michael Sandler for taking the “Woo Woo” out of automatic writing!  He approaches what has long remained a mysterious process of attuning to higher guidance and makes it easy and accessible for all.  Like everything Michael does, this wonderfully practical book is both entertaining and deeply spiritual at the same time.  Put the insights you learn here to use, and your life may well be transformed.” 

Suzanne Giesemann, Author of Messages of Hope and The Daily Way messages

“The Automatic Writing Experience demonstrates why Michael Sandler is one of today’s most dynamic, hands-on, and meaningful voices in practical spirituality. Michael demonstrates how the method of automatic writing brought him back from the brink–and how it can deliver breakthroughs in your life. This book is a user’s manual to your inner resources.”

—Mitch Horowitz, Author of The Miracle Club 

“Michael Sander’s book, The Automatic Writing Experience, is a key tool for our life’s toolbox. This fabulous book helps all of us to remain empowered, centered, and connected to spirit.

Learning how to listen to your intuition and your direct spiritual guidance is the only way we move forward with our lives.

With his usual humor, compassion, love, inspiration and storytelling, Michael explains how automatic writing can be a powerful doorway for you during this time, blending the practical ‘how to’ with the magic of spirit.”

Sandra Ingerman, MA, Award winning author of 12 books including Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony