People always ask: What’s the difference between journaling and automatic writing?

It’s an awesome question, for there’s a huge difference.

Journaling’s a first-person operation, coming from the egoic or thinking mind, or as the title from the last Beetle’s song ever declared, “I, Me, Mine.” 

Don’t get me wrong, journaling’s awesome, but it won’t get you out of any binds that your mind created.

Conversely, Automatic Writing, or AWE (Automatic Writing Experience) is coming from a 2nd person perspective, from spirit, your inner wisdom, your higher self, guides or even angels (if you believe in them).

Journaling says, “I did this, I want that, I, I, I…” While Automatic Writing says, “You are loved, all is okay, you will be fine, here’s what you need to do. Or here’s where you get to go.”


So while journaling helps you document your challenges, and heal wounds by bringing them up, it can’t give you guidance on where to go. That takes something outside of the thinking mind–and that’s where AWE shines.


That’s why I like to say the Automatic Writing Experience turns your journaling into channeling! 


So if you’re looking to find direction, to get unstuck, or get answers on who, what, where, when or why…anything in life, then you want to turn to AWE.


Why’s it called AWE? Because when the words of wisdom hit you, your jaw hits the floor. It’s the moment you finally get your life, why you’re here, and where you get to go.

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